Thursday, 6 November 2008

New President Most Pro-Abortion in US History

I wrote on Wednesday that the Barack Obama's election to become, later this year, US President, represents an incalculable setback for humanity.

Life Issues Institute,* one of the leading pro-life educational bodies in the US, has issued a statement which powerfully puts into perspective the significance of Senator Barack Obama's election. I reproduce here in full:

New President Most Pro-Abortion in Nation's History

"Voters have made this election a first for America by electing the most pro-abortion president in the history of our nation. Senator Barack Obama will assume the power of the presidency, defined as the most powerful position in the world.

"During his political career, Barack Obama has consistently voted against innocent preborn children. He has repeatedly voted to deny basic medical care to babies who survive late-term abortions, and voted against efforts to end the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure. As a candidate for president, Senator Obama had pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which would override any and all restrictions on abortion throughout nine months of pregnancy. It would also force taxpayers to fund abortion-on-demand.

"Of equal concern is Senator Obama’s pledge to appoint only judges who support Roe v. Wade, which could effectively impose the death penalty on future generations of America’s innocent unborn children.

"In addition, pro-abortion Democrats retained control of the US Senate and House of Representatives. Undoubtedly, American citizens can expect a radical pro-abortion agenda from its newly elected leaders.

"Bradley Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues Institute, said, “With federal legislation no longer an option for a minimum of two years, pro-life education is absolutely central and critical to our future efforts of ending abortion. The key to countering this devastating political loss is to change the hearts and minds of Americans on abortion and related life issues. That can only be done through effective pro-life education.”

"Mr. Mattes added, “Pro-life education is the foundation on which we must build future political and legislative victories to protect unborn babies. We will not give up and we will not waiver in our resolve and determination to end this modern-day holocaust of abortion.”

*The President of Life Issues Institue is Dr Jack Willke, the legendary "Father" of the US pro-life movement. Please pray for his wife Barbara who's not well. Jack and Barbara have travelled the world for decades spreading the pr0-life message and their many books have been published in dozens of languages.

Humanae Vitae must inform the way Universal Declaration of Human Rights is implemented, says top Vatican official

Monsignor Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's under-secretary of state for relations with states, put the implementation of Humanae Vitae at the top of the Church's political agenda at a major international medical workshop in Rome last night.

Anthony Ozimic*, SPUC political secretary, is currently in Rome attending a workshop held by Matercare a Catholic organisation of medical and bioethical professionals at the cutting-edge of Catholic thought and practice on maternal health.

The first talk of the workshop was given last night by Monsignor Pietro Parolin (pictured above) under-secretary for relations with states, Office of the Secretary of State of the Holy See.

Monsignor Parolin reminded workshop participants that 2008 is an important year because of two anniversaries: the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae (Pope Paul VI's encyclical on human life) and the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He said that Humanae Vitae should inform the way in which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is to be implemented and that the right to life gives meaning to the presence of the Holy See in the world: to stop the spread of the culture of death. He reminded doctors that Pope Paul VI had said that Catholic doctors must conduct their profession in accord with faith and right reason. Finally, he warned that ambiguous language is increasingly used by certain groups to claim rights with no reference to natural ethics, in order to justify acts against the right to life, e.g. the term reproductive rights to include abortion.

The Vatican's placing of Humanae Vitae at the top of the international political agenda could not be more timely. With the Catholic Church in England and Wales making it clear that it will collaborate with Government plans for statutory sex and relationship classes in primary and secondary schools, as I blogged last month, we see the fulfilment of the prophecy of Pope Paul VI regarding artificial birth control in ways that even he did not predict: i.e. the complicity of Catholic authorities with the imposition of secret provision of birth control drugs and devices, including abortion, to schoolchildren under the age of 16, without parental knowledge or consent.

Monsignor Parolin's message to doctors - to conduct their profession in accord with faith and right reason - underlines the importance of lay professionals, parents and other citizens, standing up to the state and religious authorities when their fundamental human rights are being threatened.

*Anthony Ozimic, who has a master's degree in bioethics, is speaking at the MaterCare workshop on the effects of abortion on the moral character of the provider.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

MPs' pro-life leader gives perplexing support to Obama

In the light of the result US presidential election, which represents an incalculable setback for humanity, the following UK parliamentary motion is of particular interest:


That this House looks forward to the election of Senator Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.

Our pro-life friends and colleagues in the US may well be as perplexed as I am when they learn that among the signatories is Jim Dobbin, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group (APPPLG) in the UK parliament.

In the light of Barack Obama's radical anti-life record, position, and intended policies, on which I blogged earlier this week, I am seeking a meeting with Mr Dobbin to ask how his support for this Early Day Motion can be justified in view of his position as a leader of a pro-life group. I also blogged this week on the completely untenable position of Claire Curtis-Thomas as a vice-chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group - who confirmed her anti-life position in a letter to a SPUC supporter in her constituency, having made her pro-abortion position clear in May.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Please say an extra prayer today that US voters reject Obama

I have written about Senator Obama's extremist anti-life credentials before on this blog (7 July, 27 July, 31 July, 29 August, 30 August, 1 September and 7 October). National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) have produced an easy-to-read guide comparing the stances on abortion of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Senator Obama has promised that his first act as president will be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Michael Moses, a lawyer for the American Catholic bishops, has warned that FOCA would force all Catholic hospitals and medical professionals to provide abortions, with no opt-outs or rights of conscientious objection.

On this last point, one is reminded of legislation and policies introduced by Tony Blair and his government: under his government's Mental Capacity Act, for example, doctors who refuse on clinical or other ethical grounds to implement an advance refusal of treatment face litigation and possibly criminal conviction; and Tony Blair personally endorsed his government's policy of providing schoolchildren under the age of 16 with abortions and birth control drugs and devices without parental knowledge or consent.

A reader reminded me today of an illuminating letter earlier this year in The Independent from Stephen Dorril, Sir Oswald Mosley's biographer, who wrote: "I thought I was being irrational in my total dislike of Barack Obama, but now realise, having read Dominic Lawson's excellent analysis of the Obama cult (26 February), that there are others who are also very wary of a populist politician who seems to be veering towards fascism." He goes on to compare him with Tony Blair. It's worth a read. I wish it could be widely read and understood on the other side of the Atlantic. Please say an extra prayer today that US voters reject Obama - for America's and for all our sakes.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Pro-life MPs must sack Claire Curtis-Thomas

Claire Curtis-Thomas (pictured), the Labour MP for Crosby and a vice-chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group (APPPLG), has confirmed her anti-life position in a reply to a SPUC supporter in her constituency. Mrs Pat MacDonald wrote to Mrs Curtis-Thomas to ask her to vote against the Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) bill at third reading on 22 October, which was the last chance for MPs to vote on the bill. (As expected, no pro-life amendments to the bill had been passed before third reading, the Commons passed the bill at third reading and no pro-life amendments were made the House of Lords following Commons third reading. The bill is expected to receive Royal Assent in the next few weeks.)

Mrs Curtis-Thomas said in her reply to Mrs MacDonald:

"Thank you for your concern. You have, however, missed the point. Voting against the whole of the bill would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are many clauses in the bill which are very necessary and welcome. As co-chair of the all party pro-life group, I am clear on my responsibilities and will continue to vote against those parts of the bill which I find morally objectionable. Regards Claire."

Mrs MacDonald replied: "If you are clear on your responsibilities as co-chair of the all party pro-life group, then it is unacceptable that you were not present, or took part in this vote ... It is time you either resigned from the All Party Pro-Life group, or start taking your responsibilities seriously and act with moral conviction. Your duplicitous behaviour is unacceptable."

Mrs Curtis-Thomas replied: "Thank you for your comments. Kind regards, Claire."

As Mrs MacDonald has commented to SPUC, "As usual [Mrs Curtis-Thomas] cannot reply to what was asked of her."

I personally find it sickening that Mrs Curtis-Thomas has said that voting against the bill would have been "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", when so many innocent unborn children will be abused and killed under the bill. I am unaware of any arguments presented by Mrs Curtis-Thomas as to which clauses in the bill "are very necessary and welcome", nor how those clauses could possibly outweigh "those parts of the bill which [she] find[s] morally objectionable".

The truth of the matter is that:

  • the HFE bill is intrinsically evil - not just as a whole, but also in all its parts;

  • Mrs Curtis-Thomas also made her pro-abortion position clear in May;

  • the APPPLG must remove Mrs Curtis-Thomas immediately from the APPPLG.
It should also be noted that Mrs Curtis-Thomas is a Catholic. Organisations associated with the Catholic Church (or indeed any group, religious or secular, opposed to abortion or embryo-killing) should not invite Mrs Curtis-Thomas to their events. Would such organizations invite a Catholic to their events who was not opposed to the killing of members of ethnic minorities? The unborn child has the same human dignity as everyone else and must be given the same respect.

Well done to Pat MacDonald for again holding Mrs Curtis-Thomas to account!